Bykenhulle House Wedding Theresa & Eric

bykenhulle9.11.09  The Bykenhulle House was beautiful on Theresa and Eric’s wedding day, despite the cloudy skies.  Lush, colorful gardens, rustic stone patios, gorgeous parkay wood floors.

When Theresa and Eric booked their Bahamas vacation, they looked at each other and asked, “Maybe we should make this a honeymoon?  Let’s do it!”

That sense of fun and spontaneity filled their entire wedding.

COOL DETAILS: The centerpieces were an intricate tableau of the outdoors: two mini Adirondack chair candleholders around a tiny flower arrangement simulating a bush, surrounded by leaves and pine cones, as if tiny campers were about to lounge around a campfire. The cake was oliveade green (one of the most popular colors this summer and fall!) with brown trim to match the table linens. The couple named their tables after their Tattoos…the “Clown With Balls” table was the star of the night.

This was a tight, partying group of family and friends. We worked in Shaggy, the Cure, Fishbone and even the Killers…and they danced to it all.

Eric led the “Time Warp,” last second addition to their play list, and we ended the night with “What a Feeling” from Flashdance, Eric imitating the famous scene with buckets of water poured over the dancers head.

High energy and relentless enthusiasm, Theresa and Eric definitely have a fun-filled future ahead of them and the White House gang.  I almost expected them to ride off into the sunset on their matching motorcycles!

You guys truly rock.

Bykenhulle House

Photos by Paul Stokes of Hudson Valley Photo

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One Response to Bykenhulle House Wedding Theresa & Eric

  1. Eric Cuchelo says:

    You guys are the best. I am a music snob, I always judge DJ’s and juke box selections where ever I’m hanging out. The way you had the evening laid out musically was perfect. It was better than I would have done, if I was incharge of the stereo in my house during a party. It was very apparent, you guys listened to everything we discussed prior to the wedding. I couldn’t get off the dance floor, I was having so much fun. I can’t thank you guys enough, you played stuff we didn’t even ask for, but it was stuff I love. It’s so nice to know that there are people out there that have enough exposure in the music industry that they don’t have to play the same old tired stuff, that makes music bland and tiring. If anyone ever asks me about hiring a DJ for a party, wedding or anything, I’m sending them to you guys. But beware, some of my friends are even more cynical and cranky than me. Just kidding, that’s pretty much impossible. Theresa and I really appreciate the great job you did. I’m soooo glad we didn’t hire Father Guido Sarduci.

    Thanks Guys,
    aka Fishbone

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